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Dr. Gargi’s Dental Care, a premier segment dental, and orthodontics day care center of Kolkata started their operation under the adept guidance of Dr. Gargi Sarkar and Dr. Debjit Dhamali. They provide the best dental solution in Kolkata.

Based in laketown kolkata, our primary aim is to deliver state of the art care to the people of Kolkata. Our highly competent team of doctors provides you the best treatment with utmost care and ethics. Our doctors regularly participate in different education program so that they are constantly updated with the latest change in their field which is ultimately benefiting our patients.

We provide a prime dental solution in laketown and its peripheral areas which is Belgachia, Bangur, South dumdum,Jessore road, etc. We believe medical science is very sacred and the stakeholders of the profession have a duty to uphold the highest ethics. We understand that each of our patients has different needs. One patient might not have a chunk of time while others might have had some bad experiences earlier and are just plain and nervous. We have seen and had experienced it all of these situations. We are committed to working with and educating you, our patients. Together we can work comfortably and explore all alternatives, this can help you determine which will work best for your situation.

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Gargi Detal care

This multi-specialty private clinic aims to change the way people think about dental care. We assure you of a genuinely world-class oral visit with two multi-talented and experienced specialists, the greatest tools, outstanding quality, and the recommended remedy accessible.

This clinic, located in north Kolkata, is a center of professional excellence in dentistry, with a vision to provide a full range of dental services at an accessible cost, with a focus on performance and customer delight.

This center is set up with the primary aim of making world-class dental care accessible to the citizens of Kolkata. It was the idea of a few leading names and experts.

Furthermore, the center is affiliated with some of the most prestigious personalities in Indian and global dentistry.

Experts from every discipline of dentistry are represented on the board of its “Brand Clinic,” with an emphasis on aligners (Treatment with Braces). A hygienist, a prosthodontist, and a family doctor are also in their expert group.

The industry’s goal is to establish itself as one of the town’s finest creative, inventive, and positive thinking dental practices. In a nutshell, we’re here to keep you happy!

A biggest specialty dentists and experts wedded to the idea of tooth and always willing to deliver you with empathy.

All types of contemporary dental services are provided in one location.

Metal aligners, ceramic braces, self-ligating orthodontic appliances, transparent aligner therapy, and tongue dentistry are all offered at the best dental facility in the area.

Facilities and technology are of the highest standard.

A worth center devoted to supporting you with care routines at a minimal price.

Treaty obligations were used to create strict sterilisation procedures. (OSHA procedure) Well-behaved and very well-trained ancillary personnel are on hand to assist you in any manner imaginable.


The Doctor Gargi’s dental care is a turning point in dentistry. This slashing dental clinic incorporates the best technology with an established professional of dental practitioners headed by Dr. Gargi and Dr Dhamali to provide you with the best in dentistry. The spacious but tranquil facility will envelop you in its gentle environment, soft tunes, and friendly personnel, ensuring that your visit to the dentist is one to remember for all the correct purposes!

Services provided include:

  1. Root Canal Therapy without Pain (option of single and multiple sittings)
  2. Cosmetic dentistry
  3. Veneers
  4. Brightening your teeth
  5. Fittings for teeth
  6. Dentistry with lasers
  7. Bridges & Crowns
  8. Dentures
  9. Smile Makeovers & Aesthetic Dentistry
  10. Children’s dentistry
  11. Treatments for periodontitis (gum disease)
  12. Teeth in a single day
  13. Treatment for misaligned teeth is known as orthodontics.
  14. Braces that are not apparent
  15. Complete dental reconstruction
  16. Cure for facial pain
  17. Consultations in detail
  18. Other common dental procedures include
  19. Oral Medicine & Minor Oral Surgery
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