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Date : 29-03-2023

Teeth are one of our essential body parts. It helps us to chew, speak and look good while smiling if maintained well. Best orthodontist in kolkata helps us in making our smiles look beautiful. We are the dental experts who perform orthodontic treatments which involve correction of a bad bite, repositioning of misaligned jaws, reducing overcrowding, and straightening crooked teeth. Thus, helps us in maintaining our oral health.

Who Are Orthodontists?

Orthodontists doctors who have been specially trained to diagnose, treat & prevent teeth & jaw irregularities. They rectify the existing teeth problems & help patients to know whether there will be any such problems in the future. They are skilled professionals having sharp eyes and are masters of their craft helping many to reinvent their smiles.

When you should visit an Orthodontist?

The most common problem like misalignment also known as malocclusion & FAQ is who is the best orthodontist near me? We answer to the frequently asked question and we help you to get rid of your teeth alignment problems. This problem is mainly hereditary and is treated using braces and surgeries.

Treatment Procedures

  1. Analysation of the teeth
  2. Inform the patient about the orthodontic needs
  3. Taking of the records which includes:-
  • Taking photographs of the teeth & face of the patient
  • X-rays
  • Examine Intra and Extraoral
  • Molds of the top and bottom teeth are also checked
  1. Fitting The Application
  2. Final Phase

Are Orthodontic Treatments Painful?

The feeling of pain or discomfort varies from patient to patient. The majority of the patients do not feel any pain as braces do not hurt at all if the treatment is done correctly.

There may be mild soreness or discomfort which is caused due to the engagement of orthodontic wire to the newly placed brackets. This feeling of soreness might last for a few days or up to a week.

Our Interaction With Patients

We prefer interacting with the child and parents to give them the best results. We treat child patients who are above 6 years old. Children feel comfortable with our staff which makes our job further easier to do the treatment properly so that, the child may not feel any discomfort.

In the case of adult patients, we thoroughly converse with them regarding their orthodontic needs and make them aware of further treatments if any. As we have to do surgery for adult patients it becomes easy for both as they don’t feel any pain and the result is very satisfactory and lasts longer.

Best Solutions And Their Cost

There are only two best orthodontic solutions which include the application of braces and surgery. Braces are nowadays referred to as Invisalign which is effective enough but in some cases, they may not provide the expected result. Here surgery comes into action. Hence, some say that surgery is the best alternative to braces. This is mainly performed on adult patients as the correction becomes difficult after years. In comparison to other orthodontists in Kolkata, we offer the best treatment at a cheaper price.

Why Us?

In the city of joy, if you are looking for an orthodontist then you will be getting several options but the best orthodontal facilities are provided by us. We are having a highly competent team of doctors who provide you with the best treatment along with utmost care and ethics.

There are 8 things that patients always keep in mind while selecting which orthodontic clinic should they visit:-

  1. Experience and Qualification of the staff members.
  2. Convenience mainly depends on ambiance, behavior, distance, and fee structure.
  3. Consultation availability of the doctors.
  4. Types of treatments offered.
  5. Reputation of the Orthodontist.

According to the feedback from our patients, we are excelling in all these 8 aspects which makes us class apart from others.


We feel blessed enough, as our patients can blindly trust us whether in treatment procedures or in any other aspect, which further adds to our responsibilities. We are fortunate enough to have a passionate and highly competent team of orthodontists who does the work diligently, as we believe our work affects many smiles. We believe our responsibilities are more enhanced, when we work with various age group. The happy face of our patients after the best treatment we could offer gets over, makes us smile, and motivates us to work harder.

Our Location

We are based in Laketown Kolkata having our multi-specialty clinic and mainly operate in the peripheral areas including Belgachia, Bangur, South Dum Dum, Jessore Road, etc.

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